You’ll notice that the daily updated Coffee Breaks are stuffed to the brim with links that have numbered lists on a variety of obscure topics that you wouldn’t think about until you read the list title.  In trying to keep up with this internet phenomenon, I’ve attempted to give you the most generic list I can provide, seeing how I have little to no motivation of actually creating any of these lists myself.   So, after 5 hard minutes of research, I’ve compiled the 5 Sites That Specialize in Numbered Lists on Obscure Topics.

#1. Cracked

Stemming from the discontinued humor magazine, I’ve spent hours on Cracked looking at the ridiculous items they decide to research.  The topics are almost always entertaining, and they have a way of making ridiculous topics sound life-threatingly interesting.  The surprise, I’ve found, is that they are stunningly well researched and informative.  I think I’ve learned more from this site than I did in college. 

#2. Topless Robot

You need to go to the “Topless Robot’s Most Popular List” to find most of the actual numbered lists.  Edited by the almost positively stoned Rob Bricken, they’ve made a solid attempt at the numerical list and have nailed it on the head.  Obscure topics, check.  Funny pictures to accompany said obscure topics, check.  Creative commentary, check.  Wasted 20 more minutes of time I should have spent working, check. 

#3. OMGLists

At this point I’ve realized how hard it is to talk about essentially the same thing on every number… so this could get repetitive, whatever…..OMG…LISTS!!!  I’m guessing they’re part of the GamePro Media Network, which makes me suspicious of whether or not GamePro isn’t just trying to take advantage of the trends to increase viewership on their other sites.  Either way, they hold it down pretty hard so I won’t hate for now.

#4. Holy Taco

Holy Taco, aka ” the website name that should most likely be followed by the word Batman”, is a constant source of entertainment for me.  Although I understand they are relatively new, they’ve made a splash on my heart with their original content and numerical lists on obscure topics.  Stocked with a lot of college-related topics, such as “The 10 Most Worthless College Majors”, and “16 Penalties Committed By College Freshman”,  it’s sure to keep the 18-24 demographic happy (much like HighDefinite, right?  right? bahh)

#5. Mental Floss

I literally picked this one because I didn’t want to seem like the lazy asshole that I am and stop with just 4 items on my list.  I mean, 5 is pushing it in the laziness area, but 4 is just awful.  So, here comes the filler.  From “researching” on their website for a couple of minutes, I’ve learned that Mental Floss (I was just going to copy and paste wikipedia shit here but I couldn’t find any) is a (oh wait I found some Wikipedia shit, sweet):

mental_floss is a bi-monthly American magazine, launched in 2001[1] in Birmingham, Alabama, that presents facts and trivia in a humorous way. It includes columns by A.J. Jacobs and Ken Jennings.

Okayyyy…sounds kinda nerdy.  Some of their lists are good though, so check it out if you’re really, really bored.  Probably the most ironic part of the site is the name, with floss being a rare commodity in the magazine’s founding state.