The Snake

Not Pictured: The Snake

Jake the Snake came out of hiding to perform at a live benefit event in Ohio over the weekend.  He was slightly inebriated.  TMZ reports:

“During the match, Roberts was clearly unable to perform, barely responding to the barrage of “fake blows” he received from the other wrestler, J.T. Lightning. Around one minute into the match, Roberts’ opponent — clearly frustrated with the situation — whispers to the ref to end the fight. Afterwards, Lightning grabbed the mic and told Roberts, “I’ve wrestled drug addicts … you are a piece of s**t, Snake. You gypped these people. F**k you.”

After the verbal assault, Jake pulled down the front of his pants and exposed his penis to the crowd.

Backstage, the madness continued. People close to the situation tell us Snake broke his hand punching a wall, then ran into the street crying. An ambulance and police were called to the scene, but Roberts, who refused medical treatment, was not arrested.”

You can’t make this shit up.  Jake shows the crowd “the snake”, curses out a shit ton of people, breaks his hand by punching a wall, goes running into the street crying…I smell a comebaack.