October 29th, 2008 by in Artsy Sh*t

Tote, Bag, and Case maker BUILT NY has a very unique, comfortable approach to design.  There’s some really dope shit if you check out their site:

“Headquartered in SOHO (New York), the team draws inspiration from the city and the fashion that surrounds them, applying color and pattern liberally to everything they produce; while being solidly rooted in the tradition of American industrial design. “

Best thing is, all the products are pretty damn cheap.  So they’re great gifts in today’s economy. Some of their products:

Laptop Backpack: $80 (okay this is kind of expensive but how tight is this shit?)

6-Pack Tote (for the CLASSY drunk on the go): $23

More awesomeness after the jump:

Wine Bottle/Liquor Bottle Tote (again, stay classy winos and sauce lovers): $12-$16

Laptop Sleeve w/Pockets: $40