Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day has started filming…via Geeks Of Doom:

“After the long, long decade of rumors, combined with many refusals to believe it was true, as well as my consistent coverage of this project all year, the massively desired sequel Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day has officially begun filming in Toronto.”

To make this even better, a whole shit ton of the original cast is coming back:

Sean Patrick Flanery  and Norman Reedusare returning for this film as the McManus brothers. Billy Connolly, David Della Rocco, and Brian Mahoney will also reprise their roles, while Aaron Berg has joined the cast as JoJo Rhama as has Clifton Collins Jr. as a new character. “

Troy Duffy, the original writer/director, is writing/directing this one too… this is gonna kick ass.

A reminder of how awesome the original was after the jump:

Fire Fight Scene (THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT!!)


Courtroom Speech