"I'll have what she's having..." (cue to theme song) YAOOOOWWWWW

"I'll have what she's having." YAAAAHHHH

Via Associated Press:

“An Austrian woman accused of stalking “CSI: Miami” star David Caruso is being sought on an international arrest warrant, and officials said Tuesday she could be hiding in Mexico.

The woman allegedly sent more than 100 letters to the American actor, pursued him for an autograph and then sent death threats when he refused to give her one, according to prosecutors in the Austrian province of Tyrol.”

hahahahaha…what?  Like anyone cares about the real life version of Johnny Drama. This is definitely a “let’s get David Caruso back into the public eye” story. There’s no author’s name on this press piece, but I’m gonna guess it was something like “Bavid Baruso”.

Endless David Caruso One Liners after the break… sooo fucking funny.