Variety posted upcoming projects coming from all the major studios in the near future… to save you the boredom and effort of actually having to click on the link and to scroll through them yourself… I’m breaking it down to the highlights:

Columbia’s “Green Hornet” (2010): Steven Chow directed, starring Seth Rogan

Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland” (2010): Tim Burton directed (best director pick of the year in my book, he’s perfect for this movie), starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter (also an awesome pick…Depp’s gonna destroy this role).  They should get Cameron Diaz to play the Cheshire Cat.  I heard she can give bj’s sideways.

MGM’s “The Matarese Circle” (2010): David Cronenberg directed, supposedly Denzel Washington will play Brandon Scofield, one of the leads.  Despite how much I like Denzel… he’s always Denzel…and this role requires an actor to be Brandon Scofield.  Also Scofield is an American agent working the eastern european sector, running people behind the iron curtain and into Russia in the novel… more of a role for a white guy, I’m afraid.  I’ve read this book twice and if Cronenberg can pull off some semblance of the book,  this movie is going to be awesome.

Marvel’s “Iron Man 2” (2010) and “Thor” (2010) …watch Iron Man…nuff said.

Sigh…okay… I’ll go into it.  New Line’s “Sex and The City 2” (2011): Starring the skanks from the original movie and the popular HBO series.  OMG!!!

New Line’s “Gears of War” (2010): Len Wiseman directed (he did the Underworld Movies) I think he’s the right guy to bring the darkness out of this movie.

Variety failed to mention the movie I’m probably most excited about for 2010, “Rainbow  Six“: supposedly going to be directed by John Woo.  I’ve read this book probably 6 times and it gets better every time.  This is going to be the ultimate “fuck you, terror” movie.