Four armed gunmen, 3 dressed as women, with sawed off shotguns, walked into Harry Winston’s in London and walked away with the largest amount of stolen gems in French history.  Via Dailymail:

“As many as four masked men wielding sawn-off shotguns stormed into the exclusive Harry Winston jewellers in a high-speed raid described by detectives as ‘terrifyingly efficient’.

While two robbers ordered petrified staff fill a sack with precious gems and watches from the window display cases, another marched the manager to the store’s hidden safe.

Within minutes the gang had vanished – without a shot being fired – on powerful motorbikes parked close to the shop in the city’s upmarket Avenue Montaigne, close to the Champs Elysees, yesterday evening.

Police said the meticulously prepared robbers knew all the store staff’s names, which jewels were the most valuable, and the location of the shop’s strong-box where the most precious items were kept.

A spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Paris said: ‘If, as seems likely, this figure is confirmed it will be the biggest robbery ever on mainland France, and certainly one of the biggest in criminal history.”

“Terrifyingly efficient.”  Just like Heidi and Spencer’s wedding night. “Okay, we tried the sex Heidi, lets go take some more pictures.” Zing!

You know what this is the exact opposite of? Every Ocean’s movie that’s come out so far.  They would have never been able to pull this off.  George Clooney would have sat there rolling his eyes and being cheeky while the rest of his ridiculously sized team took the most elaborate route ever to get the job done.  Man I hate (want to be) those assholes.