This handsome woman is Mika Brzezinski.  She was mugged in DC today outside of the Ritz.  Via the murdery Washington Times:

“MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski was mugged outside the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown at about 5 a.m. while waiting for a car to pick her up for the 6 a.m. broadcast of the show she co-hosts with Joe Scarborough, “Morning Joe.”

The anchors did not disclose on air the location or name of the hotel, and did not respond to a question via email, but Mrs. Brzezinski later told the Washington Post it was the Ritz.”

*Yawn* She got mugged for $6 bucks in front of one of the more posh hotels in DC and its an outrage.  Who cares?  People get murdered in every quadrant of that city EVERY DAY.  The DC Ritz is on Wisconsin Ave and K Street.  Corporate America. It’s not like she was in Anacostia or on Martin Luther King Blvd.  Her “mugger” probably spent the money on a Cafe Latte.

However, she does get bonus points for doing what I’ve said the media needed to be doing since Paris Hilton’s retarded ass starting parading in front of anything that had a flashbulb.