For the gentleman brawler. Part umbrella, part dirty knuckles. Via BoingBoing:

“After some few years the non-product continuously known as The Umbuster has formally graduated from solid-world prototype to a bespoke-produced and purchasable boxed goods. Each handle is individually CNC cut in a 5 hour process by the enduring Mr Liu. The umbrella itself is provided by the good Guy de Jean of France. And finally packaged in the boxes designed with the good Snorri Már Snorrason here in Reykjavik Proper.”

Pretty fancy.  Too bad even kids in America have access to firearms.  The only people you could fend off with this ridiculously useless device would be limited to the British, other people with Umbusters, and if you somehow ended up in a fight with some old-time newsies.


yeah you'll win this one

 If you want to look hard in your bespoke suit and your bowler hat, you can buy one here, fancy boy.