Fuck the “Where are they now” approach… I’d rather celebrate people in their glory days.  Hence, the start of a new series I will do on Thursday’s entitled: Where They Were Then.


Via Wikipedia:

“Kris Kross was a teenage rap duo of the early 1990s. The duo is most famous for their 1992 hit “Jump,” and their fashion styling—consisting of wearing their clothes backwards.

Kris Kross, consisted of Atlanta natives: Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly (born August 11, 1978), and Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith (born January 10, 1979). Childhood friends, Kelly and Smith were discovered in 1991, at the age of twelve, by Jermaine Dupri at an Atlanta shopping mall. Dupri thought the two “looked like a rap group,” and proceeded to groom them as such.

Their Dupri-produced debut album, Totally Krossed Out, was released in 1992; selling four million copies in the US. It included the hit single “Jump,” which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks. In the interim, the duo landed a spot on Michael Jackson’s European tour that year, as well as a cameo appearance on Jackson’s “Jam” music video. In addition to this, they also made appearances in the music videos for Run DMC’s “Down With the King”, TLC ‘s Hat 2 Da Back and DJ Nab’s “Live megamix.” They were also featured in a episode of A Different World.”

I first heard Kriss Kross in the 3rd grade (1993), a year after their debut album and their smash hit “Jump” was flying all over the charts and the radio.  Now, I know that was the year of Wu-Tang’s “36 Chambers”, ATCQ’s “Midnight Mauraders”, Snoop’s “Doggystyle”, KRS’s “Return of The Boom Bap”, and a myriad of other outstanding albums, but I couldn’t relate, being I was in the 3rd fucking grade.  I wasn’t trying to hear about housing projects and crack fiends in the same week I was watching TMNT and eating Captain Crunch.  Kriss Kross was my entry into hip-hop, albeit an unglorified one that is probably being scorned by those of you that consider yourselves hip-hop stans.  This isn’t the embarassing point.  The embarassing point is that they made songs back in 1992 as kids that were better than 80% of this new bullshit mainstream hip-hop.  I implore you to revisit some of their classic videos and NOT recognize their skills that they had at such a young age. 

May their careers rest in peace.

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