Mother fucker.


Via Gawker:

“HarperCollins is paying Nick Douglas a five-figure sum for Twitter Wit, a book of the Gawker alum’s favorite Twitter posts.

Douglas insists the work is backbreaking — “reading a thousand jokes is like watching five hours of porn” — but he’s already automated the process of collecting submissions and permissions. Those who make it into the book get no royalties, but a free copy of the work ensures they at least won’t have to pay to see their own content in printed format.”

With Twitter being on the rise as much as it is nowadays, I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t think of this shit.  Not only is Douglas getting paid to make a book OF OTHER PEOPLE’S Twitter activities (I’m not calling them “Tweets”, fuck you) he doesn’t even have to find it.  He’s automated the whole thing.  I’m not sure if this guy is super lazy and lucky or a diabolical genius, either way I’m gonna rob him if I ever meet him.