Apple is apparently in talks to buy Twitter for an estimated $700 million…that’s right…$700 million friggin dollars.  Tech Radar gives the details I’m too lazy to research myself:

“Apple and Twitter are reportedly in serious negotiations over a possible $700 million sale of the social networking site, with the deal set to be announced in June if successful.

Of course this is all based on speculation from a source close to ValleyWag, which states that he’s been recruited by Apple and says the two are locked in talks over a potential sale.

The figure of $700 million (around £460m) comes after Twitter turned down $500 million plus shares from Facebook in the past, but apparently a source close to Twitter says Apple’s offer would be hard to turn down.

The question would obviously remain, no matter who buys the company, how would it make any money? Twitter still has to define a business model that would generate the significant income a 6 million user base and over 1,300 per cent growth should be bringing.”

To sum that up, a multi-billion dollar staple and originator of the computing industry that provides innovative products for millions of customers the world over is seeking to spend almost a billion of those dollars to buy a bunch of people’s Facebook statuses and mundane thoughts that have been repackaged and cataloged so people following said statuses can more actively not give a shit. 

Moving on…