I haven’t posted any clothing/accesorahs posts lately due to the fact that most of the Fall/Winter previews I’ve been seeing from “designers” lately are laughable at best.  Thank God Ikitabi showed up on my radar or else I would have never seen these Ninja Slippers.  I literally cannot think of a single piece of footwear I need more badly.  From the product site:

“The Ikitabi concept is based on traditional Japanese slippers or tabi and the addition of rubber soles gives greater comfort and flexibility.

Traditional Kohaze & Kakeito hook and eye fasteners are adjustable at the opening of the boot, with two different settings to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit. Rubber soles give a unique barefoot feel, both non-slip and ergonomic they provide arch support and ground hugging comfort making Ikitabi a great walking boot – the sole design is even patented.”

Buy them here.  I learned about them here.