…because sadly, that’s all that we have left.


Not him. Some guy named Bubby Gram. Friggin weird, right?

Michael Jackson was such an event of a person that people all over the world strived to be him.  For your entertainment, I’ve comprised a list of the 5 better impersonators I could find on video in order to help you feel better about his passing.  Largely because even though he’s gone, you can find comfort in the fact that you’re not one of these people.  Enjoy.

1. Navi

2. This Guy…Billie Jean Performance

3. The Kid From Moonwalker (starts around the 2:25 mark)

4. Ben Jackson

5. Suleman Mirza (can’t embed because he’s an asshole, so just click the video, one of the better ones)


Update: 9:40 PM PST – Just saw Hail Mary Jane thought of the same thing (I suppose great minds think alike)  but they have a couple I don’t so go check them out if you want more.