I was reading all the hooplah over Heidi Pratt being admitted to a Costa Rican hospital over the weekend.  Apparantly she wasn’t doing well, according to Stephanie Pratt, Spencer Pratt’s retarded sister.

A Credible Source Of Information

Here’s how she described the situation, from Yahoo:

“They kept them locked up and through the roof they were dropping spiders the size of [Heidi’s] hands in on her in the black.”
“They treated them like they were criminals or terrorists,” she added.
“She was throwing up 30 times with nothing in her stomach,” Stephanie said. “She was really sick. She thought she was dying….I know they pulled such shitty antics,” she said. “But being treated like criminals or terrorists? It’s insane!”
It looks like she’s expected to recover and will be returning to Los Angeles.  First off, I’d like to personally congratulate the execs over at NBC if any of this is true.  These assholes have had something like this coming for a long time.  I’m not sure what kind of medal or award ceremony they have for the rightful inhumane treatment of celebrity douchebags, but I am sure as shit these guys deserve it.  Secondly, fuck you, Stephanie Pratt.  She’s going to be fine and you basically told the world they found a cure for cancer, only to have cancer make a full fucking recovery and score a shampoo deal in the process.  Alright I’m done.