Coffee Break

June 25th, 2009 by in Links


Last week to donate to Operation Homefront, unless you’re selfish, then its the last week to keep your 25 cents to yourself. – [GAS Project]

Fuck Yeah! Pirate Hunting Cruises Now Available In Somalia – [Ananova]

10 Hilariously Offensive Cakes – [I Am Bored]

7 Types Of Cockblockers – [Holy Taco]

Shaq Found Out He Got Traded To Cleveland From Twitter – [Buzzfeed]

How To Conceal A Boner At The Beach – [Regretful Morning]

Four Reasons Dying Is Better Than Moving – [Chris Illuminati]

Before They Were Music Stars – [Yep Yep]

The 10 Most Annoying Commercials On TV Right Now – [Manofest]