Mother Earth finally decided to take combatting smug into her own hands and started smashing the shit out of parked Priuses (Prii? Priora? Priores?) in Boulder, CO with the nearest available tree. From the Denver Post:

The 75-year-old maple, downed by a “microburst” of wind, fell just before 2 p.m. between Forest and Grape streets in north Boulder, police said.

Officers didn’t release the injured woman’s name. Her light-green Toyota Prius was towed from the scene with a smashed front windshield and hood.

The second car, also a light-green Toyota Prius, was hit in the front but not significantly damaged, said its driver, Lisa Bennett.”

Haha, this is like a PETA member getting clubbed to death with a can of red paint by a baby seal.  Delicious irony baby.