the-man-wall-wood There are certain moments in a man's life when he sees something so beautiful, so breathtaking, that he stands there in awe for what seems like an eternity trying to figure out how something so perfect come into existence.  I had one of those moments this morning.  Ladies and (mostly) gentlemen, The Man Wall:
The fully integrated unit comes complete with four TV’s, a full-size built-in beer keg with refrigerator and tap, a live sports ticker, a microwave oven, two cigar humidors, a five-speaker home theater surround sound system, I-Pod docking station and a wine rack. The innovation is the brainchild of two designers who saw a gap in the rising popularity of “Man Rooms.”

Shakespeare himself couldn't have composed a more beautiful string of words.  More detail and pictures after the jump:

From the press release:

Innovative technology separates the futuristic unit from anything on the market, boasting a matrix splitter that allows all four TV’s to be controlled by one remote. The enthusiastic sports fan can watch four different games at one time or one game on all four TV’s. Sleek looking panels hide the cable boxes and gaming units while a high-tech remote eye makes wires and cables virtually invisible.

The surround sound system packs a punch with a booming Kelton Subwoofer with dual diameter structure, Whisper-Mode technology and wireless rear speakers, all designed to deliver big sound and eliminate clutter. It also features a 1080p up-conversion function that converts standard definition images from DVD sources to high definition images.

Add a built-in Universal Dock for your iPod, a 100 watt microwave oven, two 50-cigar humidors with built-in gauges, a wine rack and a seven foot wide sports ticker continuously updating scores and you can see why this is the perfect gadget for the consummate male.

The price for man cave perfection is $14,900 plus shipping.  Get one here.



Found at Uncrate.