Wants For Sale

June 11th, 2009 by in Art, Artsy Sh*t

I just kicked myself in the face for not thinking of this.


Christine and Justin are a couple in NYC that turned their love of stuff and art into getting paid for various things they want in life.  Their project, according to their website:

“Each painting shows one thing we want, and sells for the price of the real item.  So you can buy “A Slice of Pepperoni” for $3.00 or “Dinner at Nobu” for $152.00.  When the painting sells we use the money to go out and buy that thing.”

And it’s working.  Their paintings are selling out quickly and if you go here you can see other things that they wanted that other people paid for.  From the looks of things they got a full trip to Vegas, gambling money, buffets, shows, and all sorts of other shit. 

Check out their site here