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July 16th, 2009 by in Links


5 Spies With Bigger Balls Than James Bond – [Cracked]

A Gallery Of Hot Chicks Smoking – [Holy Taco]

Guy Gets Sexually Assaulted By Female Gang (Luckiest Victim Ever) – [Blog Of Hilarity]

The 10 Best Fictional Burger Joints Of The 90’s – [Buzzfeed]

Business Trip vs. Travelling For Work Comparison Chart – [NextRound]

Harry and Pepper, The Gay Penguin Couple Of 6 Years, Have Been Broken Up By A Female – [CNN]

Some Guy Got Charged 23 Quadrillion Dollars For Cigarettes – [BBC]

Israel Is Supplying Aphrodisiac Gum To Gaza – [I’m Totally Serious, Bro]