There are few people in the entertainment industry that I get genuinely excited about seeing live, and this dude’s one of them.  Pot-smoking recluse Dave Chappelle brought reality to the Twitter and Facebook rumors and showed up at a makeshift stage in Portland this morning.  From Oregon Live:

Thousands of people packed the square late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, drawn by the ethereal promise of an appearance by the popular comedian. They stayed two hours despite a tiny sound system that made Chappelle nearly inaudible, creating one of the most remarkable spontaneous gatherings in Portland history.

Chappelle’s Portland visit was the hottest search trend on Google this morning and thousands turned to Twitter to chat about the remarkable event.

The rumor came through Twitter and text and Facebook, and it seemed too good to be true: the wildly popular comic appearing at midnight in the middle of Portland — for free?

A mostly 20-something, expectant crowd filled the square until it was crammed full. By midnight thousands stood shoulder to shoulder, forming a bigger crowd than the Greg Oden and playoff rallies the Trail Blazers have held in the square in recent years.

“It’s like Woodstock,” said Keith Kunis, a 25-year-old marketing student at Portland Community College. “Davestock 2009.”

I’m sure the quality of marijuana in Oregon had nothing to do with the location of this concert.  Nothing at all.

I guess he’s planning on doing a couple more of these…so stay tuned.

Some pretty shitty video after the jump:

Dave Chappelle at Pioneer Square

Thanks to Johnny Internets over at The Daily What for the heads up.