Samsung made the first cellphone equipped with a night-vision video camera.  From Dvice:

“Samsung, the company that feels good about brand-spamming its customers with untold hundreds of barely-different cellphones, finally differentiates itself with the first cellphone equipped with a night vision video camera. Samsung says the SCH-W760’s infrared camera is perfect for users to videoconference in the dark.

Other than that 3-megapixel night shooting trick, this 3G slider is fairly conventional, using a 2.8-inch AMOLED display with 240×400 resolution. Available in Korea first, Samsung isn’t saying if it will find its way Stateside, but we’re guessing this see-in-the-dark cellphone tech will soon be widely available.”

Yeah…that’s what its going to be used for…”videoconferencing in the dark”.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of videoconferening videos here in the near future. Just make sure you don’t videoconference with a partner that’s below the legal age in your respective state, or you’ll probably get videoconferenced against your will by some giant guy ironically named Tiny for 10-15 years…and no fat chicks.