Oh wait…it’s $263,161.67

“A study was carried out by research specialist Brainjuicer who asked over 1,000 people nationally what made them happy.

They were asked to rate 50 different life events and experiences and compare them with the pleasure gained from a lottery windfall. Using a rating system a monetary value was calculated for those little things in life which make us happy.

“It was interesting when doing the research that very few people mentioned money and people focused on family occasion, hanging out with friends, having a quiet time on their own, seeing grandchildren and visiting places they had never seen before as things that made a real difference in their lives.”

Being in good health turns out to be our most precious possession with a value of £180,105. Being told “I Love You” comes second and is worth £163,424, followed by being in a stable relationship £154,849.

Other events in the top ten of life’s best experiences are: living in a peaceful and safe country – £129,448; having children – £123,592; spending time with your family – £110,04; laughing – £108,021; having sex – £105,210; going on holiday – £91,759; savouring the peace and quiet – £89,828″

So they spent all this money and time to figure out that sex is worth $169,419.67.  Not only is this not a big deal but it’s horribly inaccurate. People have been putting  a price on sex for years and it’s always been way cheaper than buying a friggin house.  If you’re dating, its how much you spend before you get laid…if you’re not, it’s called prostitution and you pretty much know how much you’re gonna spend before you get into it.  There, study’s over.  Everyone go home and spend $169,419.67 with people you wouldn’t spend $263,161.67 on.