Bill Clinton, apparently not satisfied with just being The Fucking Man, decided to pull a Jesse Jackson and go get the two journalists that have been held in North Korea, something the entire US Government wasn’t able to accomplish.  From the NY Daily News:

Dictator Kim Jong-Il pardoned two jailed U.S. women after a personal appeal Tuesday by former President Bill Clinton as a sign of North Korea’s “humanitarian and peace-loving policy.”

The quick agreement to let Clinton take journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee home suggested that Kim blinked first, despite orchestrated efforts to make talks with Clinton appear to take on a broader agenda covering the dispute with Washington over its nuclear weapons program.

Unbelievable.  If this guy had his own country, his flag would probably just be a picture of him boning the world, and the world just loving it, moaning like a ghost.  They present the article like it was a civilized affair, but you know there’s gonna be some half white babies running around a year from now.