Coffee Break

August 6th, 2009 by in Links


Women Saying/Doing Stupid Shit And Looking Sexy…Let The Hating Begin- [STFU, Women]…Even Better – [STFU, Men]

Fuck This Website – [Fuck This Website]

Radio Shack Renamed “The Shack”, Joins “The Hut” In Simple Shelter-Based NamesĀ – [Manolith]

The Last Messages Club, So You Can Forward Stupid Cat Emails From The Grave – [Last Messages Club]

This Chick Got The First Ever Degree In Stand Up Comedy…Money Wasted Because She Sucks, and I Can’t Understand Her – [Arbroath]

If Movie Posters Used Bad Reviews – [Screen Junkies]

40 Girls Dressed As GI Joe Babes – [Manofest]

Hot Facebook Girls In Bikinis – [The Chive]