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August 14th, 2009 by in Links


The 5 Creepiest Sex Scenes In Comics – [Cracked]

The Never Before Seen South Park Pilot Finally Aired Online – [South Park Studios]

The Miss Universe Maxim Photoshoot Is Unreal – [NextRound]

I Am Friends With Sluts – [I Am Friends With Sluts]

11 Year Old Damon Weaver Becomes The Youngest Reporter To Interview A Sitting President – [Buzzfeed]

7 Things Your Future Self Can Teach You – [io9]

The Heidi Montag Playboy Pictures Are Out…And They’re Basically Maxim Pictures In Playboy; Also Boring As Shit, Just Like Her – [On 205th]

Vick Goes To Killadelphia, Where His Murdery Antics Will Blend Right In – [With Leather]