Coffee Break

August 19th, 2009 by in Links


Get Some Good Karma Going And Give A Shit[GAS Project]

The 5 Most Embarassing Failures In The History Of Terrorism – [Cracked]

25 Hot Chicks Flipping You Off, Welcome To My Friday Nights – [Holy Taco]

Dungeons And Dragons Leads To Real Life Violence – [Blog Of Hilarity]

The Office Kid Makes You Look Responsible At Work With None Of The Responsibility At Home – [Next Round]

27 Playboy Playmates That Twitter – [Coed Mag]

17 Year Old Girl Admits To 2-Year, 30-Man Knife Murder Spree – [Arbroath]

The Inflatable Skirt, Should You Need A Life Raft At A Dinner Party – [The Daily What]

MIT Will Characterize The Shit Out Of You – [Personas] [Via]

“My Girlfriend Sucks, And Not In The Way That Makes Her A Good Girlfriend” – [SucksBox] Thanks Julie.