For those of you that think some gum and Visine will allow you to cruise around on another planet while avoiding detection, game over.  From Dvice:

Look out all you stoners and dopers, because the cops could soon wield a handheld device that detects your favorite controlled substance. Spit into this little plastic test tube, and you’re busted — any cocaine, heroin, cannabis, amphetamines, and methamphetamine you might be partying with is no longer a secret.

Phillips, a company that makes TVs and all kinds of other techno-stuff, created this sophisticated dope-a-lysing device using nanotechnology, with a clever use of electromagnets and nanoparticles that can separate the sober from the impaired. After 90 seconds, the verdict shows up on a color-coded readout.

Of course, the test results won’t be necessary if you can’t go the entire 90 seconds without giggling like a retard.