Over the past couple of years, I’ve sat by like most of you and watched this show spew smoke as it spiraled out of the sky, resulting in the vacuous TBS sitcom it has become.  I was learning to live with the comical predictability, the excessive decadence to replace plot development, and the overall inaccuracies of the dialogue (let’s discuss all of our feelings, bro).  At the very least, it was a pretty mindless show that helped me ease into the workweek.  Last night was the final straw, when I watched that ginger fuck who gets impossibly hot chicks turn down the only good part of the show:


…to rekindle a barely developed relationship with this squinty-eyed bag of bones.


I know, I know.  I was supposed to stop watching this show a long time ago.  But you’ve got to admit Emmanuelle Chriqui is hot enough to sell continued viewership, even if only on a casual level. However, even I have my limits, and I’ve reached them. I don’t know what kind of hallucinogens the “writers” of this show are on, but if last night’s decision was any indication of the transfer from quality to cheap thrills, then I’m fucking done.