Although last month’s charity donation was a little lighter than the first month ($154.56 = 104.56 by you guys + 50 from me), I’d still like to thank all of you that donated for your generosity and for supporting this project of mine.  To whoever the anonymous person was that recommended this charity through the survey, boom…voice heard.

Even though it’s halfway through the month and I’m a lazy asshole, I still want to make this month’s Give A Shit charity known simply because of the good work it’s doing for kids that need a fucking break.  So, I will again take the role of a homeless person and ask that you donate some change this month to the GAS Project, supporting the Children’s Defense Fund.  Here’s what it’s about:

Founded in 1973, The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) is a non-profit advocacy organization that works to ensure a level playing field for all children. CDF works with individuals, communities and policy makers to enact, fund and implement public policy and promote successful programs that lift children out of poverty, protect them from abuse and neglect, ensure access to health care and quality education, and provide a moral and spiritual foundation to help them succeed with the support of caring adults and communities.


Head over to the GAS Project if you want to throw down 25 cents – 1 dollar for this month’s cause.