With floods in the American southeast and killer tropical storms raping Asia…it’s a safe bet to assume Mother Nature wants us dead by drowning.  In order to be better prepared for these flash fluids, I would highly advise you to invest in a Citibot Folding Kayak from Folbot.  Via Bachelor Guy:

One of their most space-saving models, the Citibot, is a sleek one-man kayak made specifically for the city dweller that doesn’t even have the luxury of a walk-in closet. This thing will fit just about anywhere. You can cram it in your closet or shove it under your bed… and at only 24-lbs stored in in its backpack you can carry it anywhere your granola-loving heart desires.

The Citibot is rugged, sleek and takes only a few minutes to assemble (the video below says 12.5 minutes… but I gotta figure that’s after a few practice runs), to its full 10-ft length. And if you’re into hitting the skies to find your next adventure, the Citibot is airline checkable. That means you won’t get anally compromised for attempting to travel with a traditional kayak – not to mention you could save yourself about $200 in baggage fees.

Also great if you want to do some urban Kayaking and need to make a less cumbersome getaway.

Get one here.  It’ll be $1200 bucks.