Fail To The Redskins

September 3rd, 2009 by in Actual News


How do the Redskins repay decades of loyalty and season tickets purchases?  Apparently with bankruptcy-resulting lawsuits.  Via Washington Post:

Since 1962, Pat Hill has been a Redskins fan. She still is even though they sued her and won when she couldn’t make payments on a 10-yr contract for Redskins season tickets. She’s a 73-year-old realtor and making $400 a month in social security after the housing crash.

Last year, Hill’s real estate sales were hit hard by the housing market crash, and she told the team that she could no longer afford her $5,300-a-year contract for two loge seats behind the end zone. Hill said she asked the Redskins to waive her contract for a year or two.

The sales office declined.

On Oct. 8, the Redskins sued Hill in Prince George’s County Circuit Court for backing out of a 10-year ticket-renewal agreement after the first year. The team sought payment for every season through 2017, plus interest, attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Hill couldn’t afford a lawyer. She did not fight the lawsuit or even respond to it because, she said, she believes that the Bible says that it is morally wrong not to pay your debts. The team won a default judgment of $66,364.

For a team that’s worth $1.3 billion, I’d say they’re really scrapping for change with this one.   Being a Redskins fan is tough in the first place.  You’re exceedingly loyal and constantly let down. It’s like being a kid that keeps waiting on their father that ran out on them to come home only to never have the door open.  For this lady, it’s like he finally came home, but he’s Dan Snyder…and he molested you.

For shame.