Once upon a time, a bunch of tools decided they were going to make a boy band, and call that boy band WOW.  They tried to dress like hipsters, wrote a terrible song, and got a soap opera director to direct the accompanying video to the terrible song.  This is the hilarious result.

Do you see these fucking guys?  Hahaha.  Look at the guy with the pink mohawk.  I love how the video ends with the identification stillshots and all of them have generic ass names, except for the mohawk dude because he’s supposed to be the quirky one. This is probably the funniest video I’ve seen today.  In case you can’t see the video I’ve provided a play by play after the jump:

Opens with Emo-looking kid playing piano in order to show that at least one band member has musical ability.

Cut to fight with somewhat attractive girlfriend on the balcony of some Italian-looking countryside villa because when people argue, they like to do it publicly and overlooking beautiful scenery.

Brooding emo kid’s attempts to reconcile with girlfriend on the balcony don’t go well, resulting in him hitting the concrete railing out of frustration, which results in a shot of the kid rubbing his hand because he’s a pussy.

Second guy is a pseudo-guido, metro non-white (diversity!) wearing what can only be described as a pink sailor shirt.  He’s sitting on the edge of a pool at what is probably the same house the other kid lives in holding a picture of a girlfriend he used to be happy with.  Note: Happier times flashbacks are noticeably missing the aforementioned pink sailor shirt…which is probably not a coincidence.

Cut to a shot of all 5 members sitting on a stone wall wearing a bright array of hipster clothing trying to look forlorn.  Every color they’re wearing requires “hot” or “neon” to properly describe them.

Fade out to identification still shots in which they all look away from the camera.