1. I put up a survey a couple months ago in order to get a breakdown of The High Definite readership.  Here are the results.  I’ll leave the survey up in case you’re feeling participatory or if you want to confess your love/hate for this shit anonymously.


Marry, Bone, Kill most popular answers:

Men: Oprah, Jessica Biel, Tie: Ann Coulter, Nancy Pelosi, “My wife”

Women: Brad Pitt, James Franco, Tie: Hillary Clinton, Glenn Beck

2. Photo Booth is updated.

3. The GAS Project collected $223.90 for the Children’s Defense Fund last month, thanks to those that donated.  I’ll update this month’s GAS Project shit tomorrow.

4. Got more visitors in August than I had the first 6 months I had this blog going.  Thanks for reading.