Tian Tian was shot in the back with an arrow (yes, a friggin arrow) playing in her family garden.  From Arbroath:

The two-year-old toddler was struck in the back when neighbour Lian Chen let fly with a longbow from a bedroom window trying to scare off a wildcat.

“She screamed and I looked over and saw an arrow sticking out of her back. I nearly fainted,” said her grandmother Yi Tsou of Nanyang, central China.

Medics removed the arrow but now have to wait to see if the iron arrowhead caused any damage to her spinal cord.

Now neighbour Lian, 53, is facing up to seven years in jail for injuring the youngster, say police.

I’m no parenting expert, or even a parent for that matter, but I’m pretty sure letting your toddler play in an area where there are giant predatory cats roaming about (and weapon wielding neighbors that fire arrows indiscriminately in the general direction of your child in an effort to kill the aformentioned predatory cats) isn’t the ideal situation for your child’s safety.