I did this list once before, when I first started this blog and I actually made an effort to push out original written content.  Like then, I still haven’t come up with anything great lately that would constitute an interesting list.  Whenever I have, it’s been when I was wasted and the topic usually got washed away in the ensuing blackout that occured after I had my realization.  Since it seems every site on the internet has taken to producing these numbered lists on obscure topics, I’ve decided to just continue my old list cataloging some of the sites that do it better and on a consistent basis for those of you that like having your information fed to you in numerical order. So, in the tradition of laziness that has become a staple of this blog, I present to you: 5 More Sites That Specialize In Numbered Lists On Obscure Topics.  (Click the logos to visit the sites)


#1. List Universe

List Universe was started in 2007 and after frequent front page posts on Digg and Reddit, it is one of the largest sites in the world, serving 1.5 million unique monthly readers and over 4.5 million pageviews a month.  Although recently the list trends have leaned more toward lazily put together photo lists or half-assed video lists, List Universe stays true to form and continues to produce lists that you actually have to read. The lists are pretty well researched and the writing is nothing to complain about.  Coupled with the fact that most of the topics are pretty interesting, you can definitely waste a good part of your morning learning useless shit here.


#2. 11 Points

In an attempt to literally one-up the mutlitudes of Top 10 sites out there, list-lover, 11 Points writer, and presumed Jew Sam Greenspan loves lists…so much, in fact, that his About page is also a list.  Since they don’t have a Wikipedia page and that’s pretty much the extent of the research I’m willing to put into each of these, I’ll conclude number 2 by saying the lists mix in actual written lists and photo lists, making this site appealing for both the literacy impaired and people that don’t use furious pointing and grunts to communicate.


#3. Oddee

Like the first version of this list…I find myself at a loss in terms of how to keep describing essentially different versions of the same site and continue to make this shit interesting.  I’ll start by saying this.  The first time I stumbled across Oddee I hung out on the site for like 2 hours.  There are so many interesting lists you can get lost in this shit for a long time.  If you’re at the point of the day when you feel like you’re going to splatter your brains all over your cube in an attempt to quell your overwhelming boredom…have a visit and happily waste the rest of your day in obscure facts on a wide variety of topics.


#4. AskMen Top 10

AskMen.com is huge, which means it has a Wikipedia page…which makes my job easier.

AskMen.com was founded in August 1999 by Ricardo Poupada, Christopher Bellerose Rovny, and Luís Rodrigues. The company secured $500,000 in venture capital in 2000 while its main competitor, TheMan.com, obtained $17 million in financing from Highland Capital. In November 2000, TheMan.com shut down operations, providing an opportunity for AskMen.com to become the largest men’s lifestyle website online.  By 2001, AskMen.com surpassed the other websites in its category to become the largest men’s lifestyle website.

Although their lists aren’t the best researched lists and brevity seems to be a requirement, they are plentiful and the topics are pretty interesting.  Despite the slideshow-style display they tend to favor for the smaller lists, the larger lists, like the most recent “Top 49 Most Influential Men” are indicative of how big the site is, with flashy layouts and built in tangental links. Combine that with all the chicks and other manly shit filled into the margins all over the site, and you’ve got a pretty nice way to spend your morning cup of coffee.


#5. The Oatmeal

I debated for a full 20 seconds about whether or not I should include this one, and decided that yes…people do want their numbered lists on obscure topics in comic form.  Although the lists are pretty brief and get right down to business, the topics, like “7 Reasons To Keep Your Tyrannosaur Off Crack Cocaine” provide all the information you need if you’re looking to kick the obscurity level up a notch, or if you pounded through a bag of mushrooms a half hour before and topics like these have become a horrifying reality for you.