Coffee Break

October 14th, 2009 by in Links


New Shit Discovered: Da Vinci Painting – [Telegraph] | Nero’s Revolving Dining Room – [Socyberty]

How To Survive A Global Disaster (According To Hollywood) – [Cracked]

Humans Aren’t Total Shit As A Species: Man Helps Convict Rapist, Then Donates Reward To The Victim – [BBC]

Behind The Scenes Of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ – [Newsweek]

Bank Robbers Love Wearing Red Sox Apparel – [NextRound]

Rejected Playboy Cartoon Cover Girls – [Holy Taco]

9 Sexual Mistakes You Made In College – [Maxim]

7 Highly Successful High School Dropouts – [Neatorama]

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