This is Colton Harris-Moore, an 18-year old that is continuously evading and embarrassing the authorities that have been pursuing him after committing a miriad of crimes that make your best moves from GTA look like some pussy shit.  From AZ Central:

Colton Harris-Moore’s rap sheet already spans a good chunk of the teenager’s life, including convictions for theft, burglary, malicious mischief and other crimes.But the list may be growing longer by the week, authorities say, as the 18-year-old eludes officials on a crime spree they believe includes store break-ins, boat thefts and even joyrides in airplanes.

That’s how this article STARTS…and it only gets better:

In 2007, the boy was sentenced to three years in a juvenile lockup after pleading guilty to three burglary counts in Island County. But he fled the minimum-security facility in April 2008.

Since then, he is suspected in a string of burglaries in the Camano Island, north of Seattle, and recently may have moved on to the San Juan Islands, where he is being investigated for the store break-ins and boat thefts.

Cumming also told The Seattle Times that Harris-Moore may have stolen a boat on Sept. 13 and taken it to Point Roberts, in Whatcom County, where several subsequent burglaries occurred.

Apparently at this point, Colton got bored:

Cumming said Harris-Moore may have arrived in the San Juans last November, when a Cessna 182 was stolen from an Orcas Island hangar. The sheriff said the single-engine plane was flown to Eastern Washington where it made a “hard landing” on the Yakama Indian Reservation.

Investigators found vomit in the cockpit and a sample has been sent to the state crime lab to determine whether it came from Harris-Moore.

He also is being investigated in the Sept. 11 theft of an experimental aircraft from Friday Harbor that was flown to Orcas Island, where it made a hard landing, Cumming said.

Badassery at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. 

Thanks to Julie, who only steals hearts…while you’re sleeping…then sells them on the black market.