Heidi Klum’s new “coffee table” book (if you find it amusing to watch your guests hide awkward boners) Heidilicious is now available in stores and online.  In regards to making the book, she told  LA Confidential:

“I’ve been shooting with this photographer, Rankin, for seven years, and working with him is fun because he always makes me look different. And he always gets me to take my clothes off for some reason,” she added.

“We’ll do some job, and then he’ll say, ‘Why don’t we shoot some more things,’ and I’ll wind up without anything on.”

Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Rankin. I think we can just stop right here and place this guy Rankin amongst the world’s literary elite for his amazing contributions to the literary community.   The guys over at Guyism put together a preview of the book’s content, and I’ve got to say it looks to be well-written, witty, thought-provoking, and not at all masturbation material.


Guyism’s Preview

Order the book here.