And no…not by the team or team management, that would just be ridiculous.


After the Skins season started spiraling down the bowl a couple weeks back, Fan Exodus was  created to give those fans that just can’t take it anymore a support group…a community, if you will, for others that have jumped ship.   From their website:

Here at FANEXODUS.COM, we’re putting together a coalition of fans who are prepared to stop buying Redskins tickets and merchandise until Mr. Snyder hires a new General Manager and promises to allow him enough autonomy to build a successful organization.

I would have to assume after being embarrassed all over prime time television last night and having ex-Super Bowl attendee Jim Zorn sitting on the sidelines ticking off plays that are being called by an outside consultant like some sort of pathetic bingo game, that this site is going to get big pretty quickly.

Thanks to Cope for the graphic, and for continuing his staunch Skins fandom so I can keep making fun of him for the rest of the season.