I didn’t do a GAS Project Charity last month due to the fact that I was trying to get the High Definite One Year Anniversary Mixtape together and trying to make some site updates and whatnot.  However, now that that’s done I’m back on track with this shit.  If you donated last month, congratulations, you’ve already donated this month.  This month’s GAS Project charity is the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.   From their site:

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network grew out of desperate search for answers after three loved ones were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and their families realized that no one, not even their doctors, knew much about this difficult, and at the time, relatively unknown disease. As a result of their losses, Paula Kim, Terry Lierman and Pamela Acosta Marquardt formed the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in 1999.Today, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has a full staff, and a growing community of volunteers from across the country, who are committed and empowered individuals, working hard each day to change the course of history for pancreatic cancer. As the only national organization working to advance research, support patients and create hope we are grateful for the years of continued and generous support from our donors, volunteers, advocates, patients, healthcare professionals and scientists.

The reason this particular charity was selected is as follows:

Josh from Houston made an exceptionally large donation to the last charity (thanks again Josh), so I asked him to choose this month’s.  He was introduced to this site a while ago by long time HighDef fan Ainsley Drew (who wrote this glowing review on this site way back in the beginning).  Since her mother just tragically passed away from Pancreatic Cancer, he felt it was only fitting that this be the selection.  I agree wholeheartedly.

To contribute $.25 to $1.00 to this month’s charity visit The Gas Project.