Miss Feeney has combined two elements of the 40’s/50’s (wearing ties, pin-ups) and applied both of them to some fine neckware that will make you look like a square just like everyone else, except your tie secretly has a naughty side, just like Janet from Accounting…who still won’t return my calls… so she’s obviously a lesbian.  From Miss Feeney’s website:

Formal dress has experienced a steady state of decline, making it increasingly difficult for the discerning gentleman to find high quality neckwear and furnishings. Miss Feeney’s seeks out 100% finest silks, and properly matches them with the correct weight liner for a tie that knots smoothly and substantially, every time. All ties are precisely matched to coordinate color and lining, then hand sewn to ensure perfection. Miss Feeney’s Finery showcases bold colors and patterns, confident combinations that align with their target audience’s snappy, stylish gentlemen of all ages. Each liner features a limited edition Girl, making Miss Feeney’s ties an elegant collectors item.

Buy one here.  It’ll be $85.