UK firm Studham Technologies Limited invented a humane way to kill lobsters instead of boiling them alive.  PETA, realizing they have a reason to hold a demonstration and not look like a bunch of assholes, ordered two to be shipped to a lobster fest in Arizona.  Then hilarious tragedy happened.

From The Chronicle Herald:

British entrepreneur Simon Buckhaven said the CrustaStun system, developed over the past decade by his company Studham Technologies Limited, near London, kills the lobster with an electric charge, so the crustacean feels no “pain or distress.”

The inventor and his wife and business partner Charlotte were invited by animal rights activists to a big lobster dinner fundraiser last week, sponsored by the non-profit Child and Family Resource Centre in Tucson, Ariz.

The animal rights group PETA bought two of the lobster devices and paid for Mr. Buckhaven and his wife to fly to the Arizona event last Saturday to demonstrate the technology.

Unfortunately, the courier service lost the two machines and the animal rights people had to look the other way as volunteers killed hundreds of lobster in boiling water for hungry supporters of the resource centre.

The funniest part would have been watching the horrified looks of sheer terror on the PETA members’ faces while the lobsters were all “screaming” as they were being boiled alive.  Sometimes life works out just right.