Thanks to everyone that donated last month.  Even though its the same 50-60 of you each month, I’m extremely grateful for your generosity and support of the one positive thing this blog pumps out each month.  This month’s charity is the My Stuff Bags Foundation, supporting the kids that get shoved off into foster homes with nothing but the clothes on their back.  Although it’s a relatively new charity (founded in 1998), its cause is still a very noble one and deserves our support.

Over 300,000 abused, abandoned, and neglected children across America are removed from dangerous home environments each year. They often arrive at crisis centers and foster homes with few, if any, personal belongings. The My Stuff Bags Foundation seeks to give these children comfort and hope by providing them with a My Stuff Bag full of things they need to help them settle in their new environments, such as clothes, toys, toiletries, stuffed animals, and a security blanket.

My Stuff Bags has provided bags to more than 320,000 children in 49 states since it began in 1998. There goal is to have a bag for every child removed from his or her home.

Donate here to contribute to the GAS Project coffer for these kids, or go to the site and donate directly.   Thanks again.