Brooklyn Tailors

January 13th, 2010 by in Clothing

With the world becoming increasingly more commercial and technologically advanced, it’s refreshing to see a menswear shop in the US with a Savile Row touch. From Cool Hunting:

Crafting each garment by hand in NYC’s biggest outer borough, Brooklyn Tailors creates ready-to-wear and bespoke attire for an elegantly relaxed look. Founded by Brenna Boyce and Daniel Lewis of Brooklyn neighborhood Clinton Hill, the duo focus on designing quality pieces—from button-downs to corduroy suits.

Their full collection includes coats, suits, jeans and shirts, boasting ornate details like genuine mother-of-pearl buttons and superior fabrics like Japanese oxford cloth. The slim-fit collared shirts are machine washable, offering easy maintenance and a sophisticated cut.

Time to move on from that Men’s Wearhouse suit you bought for that wedding that one time that you still wear to work.

Get some here.