Coffee Break

January 13th, 2010 by in Links

7.0 Quake Hits Haiti – [CNN] Live Twitpics From Haiti – [LisandroSuero]

The Greatest Stories Ever Told (In Infographic Form) – [Cracked]

Chimp Outperforms 94% Of Russian Bankers With Her Investment Portfolio – [The Daily Mail]

6 Sex Training Devices Disguised As Infomercials – [NextRound]

Google Street View To Start Carrying Real-Time Ads – [Telegraph]

Essential Whisky Facts Every Man Should Know – [Asylum UK, hence the “whisky” spelling)

Dude Gets Glasses Tattooed Onto His Face – [Gawker]

California State Assembly’s Public Safety Committee Passes Pot Legalization Bill – [NY Times]

Pic via (Thanks Julie)