Lunch Break

January 19th, 2010 by in Links

I’m still taking donations to this month’s GAS Project for the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund.  Thanks to all of you that have made generous donations…we’re at a little over $600 collected so far. A random donator will be selected and given a free copy of the upcoming Texts From Last Night Book…if you need additional incentive. – [GAS Project]

The 10 Most Bizarre Sex Ed Videos – [Ranker]

Study: Men Evolving Faster Than Women – [Time]

Wu-Tang/Beatles Mashup Album: Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers – [Wu Tang Vs The Beatles] (via)

New ABC News/Washington Post Poll Shows 8 in 10 Favor Medical Marijuana – [ABC News]

CNN Medical Anchor Sanjay Gupta Performed Brain Surgery On Haitian Girl On Military Transport Between Broadcasts – [Raw Story]

An Emmanuelle Chriqui Gallery To Celebrate Her New Title – [Funny Crave]

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