I get a good bit of e-mails from people informing me of new websites, products, videos, etc. and most of the time I either throw them in the link dump or pass, but every once in a while I get one that deserves a full post, and this one definitely fits the bill.  These clever bastards over at Antengo have created a potential game-changer.

Picture, if you will, an iPhone app that blends the listings of Craigslist (simplified into 140 character postings), GPS coordination (so you can see the listing in relation to your location), and a built in chat to negotiate the sale that will save you from the awkward “is this still available” e-mails usually associated with Craigslist postings.  From their press release:

In less than sixty seconds, someone can create and publish a listing within Antengo and push it out to folks looking for stuff in their city, neighborhood, or even on their block.  Listings are constrained to 140 characters and are automatically tagged with location data from the user’s handheld.

Using the location-awareness native within their mobile device, potential buyers can search the Antengo marketplace and find what they’re looking for, where they are.  This could be a concert ticket on location at a music festival or a free sofa in need of a home right down the block.

Taking advantage of the Twitter platform, Antengo enables its user-to-user communication to be instantaneous, efficient, and consistent with the emerging “tweet” communication standard.  An in-app chat service uses direct messaging on Twitter, called “Antweet” or “Antweeting,” serves as the backbone of Antengo communications, and seamlessly integrates the Anttenna app into the burgeoning Twitter-enabled ecosystem.

Oh yeah…and it’s FREE.  Boom.


(The app is currently running a pilot market in San Diego, but it is available for download everywhere, with a national roll-out soon to come)

Thanks to Hunter, who I’m certain is Zach Galifianakis’s long lost son, for the tip