Mild mannered Addissu Andabo, disguised as a common auto mechanic, was driving to work when he noticed a crashed vehicle in flames with a woman trapped inside.  At this point, I assume he jumped into a nearby telephone booth and changed into an outfit made out of the blanket he was wrapped in when he was sent to Earth.  From Dallas News:

As flames burst from an overturned car Monday along LBJ Freeway in northeast Dallas, Addissu Andabo punched and tore out the windshield with his bare hands.

He pulled an injured woman he’d never met from her burning vehicle just before fire engulfed the car.

And then Andabo, 22, wiped off his bloodied hands and drove back to work repairing cars in Plano.

“It’s just a regular workday,” Andabo said Monday evening.

You read that right.  He punched and tore out the windshield with his bare hands, then he just went about his business…driving to Plano to repair vehicles….no big deal.  The article goes on to say that he didn’t get a chance to speak to the woman he saved (which is in the top 10 rules of the superhero handbook, I just know it) and didn’t even consider taking the rest of the day off.

The saddest part, in my opinion, is that this news article was more entertaining than Batman and Robin.

"We're embarrassing."

Well done, Addissu.   Thanks for the tip Jules!