Thanks for your donations to last month’s charity (New Eyes For The Needy).  Despite the short amount of time to collect donations, we still managed to scrape together a decent donation.  This month I’m throwing the GAS Project coffer at the relief & recovery efforts in Chile.  From AmeriCares:

Currently, there are over 700 confirmed deaths and this number is expected to rise. Chile’s President Michelle Bachelethas declared a state of emergency. Search and rescue are underway to locate Chilean earthquake survivors.

Electricity and basic services are damaged, regional hospitals had suffered damage and some were evacuated.  A major bridge connecting north-south of Chile reportedly damaged and inoperable now.

To help speed aid to survivors, AmeriCares is also working with our active partners in the region—Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia—to coordinate our response.

Since 1989, AmeriCares has delivered over $16 million in medical and humanitarian donations to Chile. For over 25 years, AmeriCares has responded with emergency relief and lifesaving aid to catastrophic disasters around the world that have affected millions of families: from Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., the Tsunami in Southeast Asia, to deadly cholera outbreaks in Zimbabwe, to the January earthquake in Haiti – and now to the earthquake in Chile.

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Thanks for your help.